Shell Recharge customer support tool

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Effective customer support with a complete redesign of the customer support tool.


A new system in 6 months

Shell Recharge Solutions is an important scale-up in the EV charging industry. As part of a company-wide BCR compliance project, numerous features had to be transferred from old to new systems in a short amount of time. An important part was the customer support tool. Within this tool, several solutions need to be provided to customers, like solving technical problems, managing accounts, or remotely controlling charge points. In 6 months we had to research, design, implement, and validate numerous features.

Research, Define, Design, Validate, Build.

To realize this project in the available time, we had to take on several responsibilities. Therefore, we contributed in this project with:

  • User research and validation. We did this by hosting workshops with stakeholders, doing shadowing sessions, and organization interviews and validation sessions.
  • Researching business, process, and product requirements. We did this by aligning with several POs, product managers, team managers, and implementation managers, with whom we subsequently validated the product requirements.
  • Aligning on technical feasibility. For this, we aligned with product teams, tested APIs, and aligned on the feasibility with developers.
  • UX and UI Design for a complete redesign of the complete system.
  • Test the implementation functionally and with stakeholders.

A complete redesign

The result is a complete redesign of the tool, which accounts for:

  • The requirements from the stakeholders and company processes.
  • The workflow and scenarios from the user groups.
  • The technical possibility within the organization and the team.

Joris Laenen

Digital product design and strategy

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