Step into your customer's shoes an prepare your idea for launch!



You'd rather validate what your customer wants before you spend a ton on development. Therefore we discover together who the customer is and what their needs are, in order to understand what solutions we actually need to build.


After we've clarified what's required for the first version, we start designing! We bring you along in the process, by discussing design choices together. Our goal will always be to satisfy the customer needs as efficiently as possible. Do you want us to build the solution as well? That's possible with our development partners.


To ensure that we've thought of the right solutions we keep testing with users. This way, we can adapt quickly, before unnecessary costs are made.


When we have a first version which satisfies the customer needs, we can launch the product! Of course we can keep testing to define the next version.

Our process consists of multiple services we can offer based on the situation. Below you can find our most important services to...

Product definition workshop

To develop a good product, a clear goal is crucial. Therefore, a product definition workshop consists of the following components:

  • A company profile, where we answer questions like: what are important things we're already doing? Can we find trends there? What are our unique strengths and weaknesses? Are we positioned well to fill certain market gaps? By answering these questions we can find out in what direction we can create the most impact.
  • Problem exploration: by interviewing potential customers we can get a rough idea about the directions we can go into. Here we validate our first assumptions of potential problems in the market, and solutions we can investigate.
Customer profile

With a workshop you can get a good idea of what direction to go into. With a customer profile you can know for sure. By means of a research process, we collect the right information to really step into the shoes of the customer. We create personas to describe the customers, define relationships between customers, and validate what target group has the highest chance of buying our product. Additionally, we clarify where a solution can make the most impact with the help of customer journeys.

Product concept

Based on the customer profile we define multiple directions for solutions which we can validate with qualitative and quantitative research. This way we can set priorities, and clarify what should be included in the first version. Additionally we can investigate the message, price and marketing channels with marketing tests.

Interaction diagram

Before the screens are designed, we create diagrams to define what functionalities and screens are required. This provides a better idea of the required investments and saves us time in the future.

    Functional design

    The functional design is purely focused on the application's layout, buttons, and functionalities. In other words, it still doesn't look that pretty. With this step, we can make changes early, before wasting unnecessary time.

    Visual design

    After we've agreed on the initial functionalities and how they should be included in the application, we create a visual design. In other words: when you see this design, you know what the application should look like. With scalable design components we ensure a consistent and appealing solution.

    Design validation

    You rather hear from your customers that they hate the menu before everything is built. Therefore we validate the design with an interactive prototype. This way, we can quickly see where changes need to be made.

    MVP market validation

    Voordat je een raket lanceert wil je weten of de aandrijving werkt. Daarom valideren we de product lancering voordat we daadwerkelijk lanceren. Met marketing tests en klant validaties valideren we de positionering van het product, de prijs, de marketing kanalen en de features. Zo weet je bijvoorbeeld welke features gratis en welke betaald moeten zijn.




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