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How do we prepare for a changing job market?

The shortage on the job market is only increasing. Among others, the IT industry is suffering. One of the solutions is retraining employees to be better suited for the current demands on the job market. The rise of Learning Experience platforms (LXPs) is contributing to this solution. However, these systems are overkill for many SMEs. These companies are looking for tools to support a flexible and autonomous learning process. Additionally, these systems are linked to a company. As a consequence, employees cannot transfer their progress to a new employer, which limits the flexibility in the job market. This project tackles both problems.

Target group and validation

With the use of user- and market research I found two target groups:

  • First are the SMEs within the digital sector (development agencies, design agencies etc.). These companies don't need a complex system, but do desire structure, as well as personal and professional development.
  • The second group are the professionals within the IT industry. Within this group, the junior employees are the most important.
With this target group in mind, semi-structured interviews are held with developers, HR employees, L&D professionals, managers, directors, and entrepreneurs. The goal is to define the customer on the five characterstics of an earlyvangelist (Blank, S. 2010). This means that:
  • They have the named problem;
  • They are aware of the named problem;
  • They're looking for a solution;
  • They're using a subpar solution;
  • They're prepared to pay enough for my solution.
Additionally, I wanted to find out which type of customer they were: user, influencer, recommender, decisionmaker, economic buyer, or a combination. Based on the researched desires a design and prototype were made, which were validated both qualitatively and quantitavely with the targetgroup. The results, in combination with validation interviews with stakeholders, have lead to the current concept.

Current concept

The concept consists of multiple elements.

  • Especially for employees, the profile page is the starting point within the platform, which consists of a personal development plan. Here, they can write their vision, from which other elements can be derived. At the top they can indicate the level they want to reach for certain skills by dragging the slider. The current level is defined by the employer. Thirdly, they can select five skills to focus on this year.
  • Within the "About me" section they can define their current situation and desired situation in five years within four dimentions: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Based on this information they can set goals to reach the desired situation.
  • At the bottom of the screen a timeline is displayed. When the user edits the screen, the changes are saved in a new version. This way, users can see how their vision and goals are developed since they started using the platform.
The current concept will be validated in the upcoming months, after which a new iteration will take place. Depending on the results, the platform will be developed and published.

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