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Decide in one minute which real wages offering is right for you, without loads of necessary prior knowledge


How do we help customers with making the right choice?

From July first 2021, real wages throughout all real wages systems are determined in the same way. Dariuz wants to support, and add value to this new system. Therefore they provide trainings which meet the customers' demands: not too much, not too litle, to effectively let them measure the real wages. To support this, an online tool is required to easily make the right choices.

A low-threshold tool, still with many dependencies

Based on the multiple options which influence the choice for a training, I developed an online questionnaire. Because this tool needed to be low-threshold but still have many dependencies, I chose to use React.js and Zustand. With Zustand, a state management tool, the right choice could be presented based on the answers. Additionally I made sure that all information is displayed at the right time, to prevent a feeling of overwhelm for the users.

Quickly a fitting solution

The result is a friendly, online tool with which customers can easily make a decision:

  • It fits with the style of Dariuz and feels accessible
  • The questions show relevant information depending on the user's choices
  • The results show the appropriate trainings with rationale depending on the choices. More information can be displayed when necessary
Op deze manier hebben gebruikers gemakkelijk de juiste kennis om een keuze te kunnen maken.

Joris Laenen

Digital product design and strategy


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