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Register quickly, and go bouldering, completely integrated for all situations and target groups


New members as automatically as possible

Monk has five boulder halls throughout the Netherlands. Here everyone, young and old, can go bouldering, with all their unique desires. For example, think about:

  • People who want to become a member online, but want to activate their membership at location;
  • Parents who want to register multiple children at once
  • Children who want to go bouldering, but don't want any classes.
All these wishes had to be possible in the registration form and be integrated with the mailingservice and POS system. Our job was to completely build this and connect it to the existing systems.

Complete integration

Before building, we first made an overview of all options. This way we could discuss what was necessary and what the depencies were, to effectively build the form. Afterwards we proposed a design and after approval we built it in PHP and Javascript. Monk wanted to be able to edit as much as possible themselves. Therefore everything was linked to Wordpress templates and custom fields to provide Monk with the necessary freedom.

A registration process for all scenarios

The result is a form which can be used in multiple ways.

  • With a cooky for every location, the form can be linked to each boulderhall, with an additional web version. This way, people can register on location and at home.
  • Memberships can be bought online. Based on the registering date, remaining fees are calculated and invoiced automatically.
  • When everything is validated, a new member with invoice is linked to the POS system to be processed. New members are also added to the mailing service.
  • New members can finish their registration at the location as well via an activation code.
Together with functionalities like registering multiple children, dynamic price calculation based on age, and sorting the POS system based on tags, you get a registration package suitable for every situation.

Joris Laenen

Digital product design and strategy

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