Faber group website redesign

UI Design

A complete redesign for 6 business websites.


6 new websites in line with the company's identity

Faber Group, an international family company specializing in circular load-carrying services, wanted to rebuild all 6 of its websites. To realize this, a modular design was required, which could be used flexibly to arrange the new web pages.

A flexible and modular design

To realize this, we designed several page examples with modular elements. These elements can be used by Faber Group to fill their pages without requiring constant design input. Multiple directions were discussed to guarantee that the design aligns with the company's identity.

6 brand-new websites

The result is 6 brand-new websites with one consistent style. For all websites, the same design elements are used which results in a professional look and feel.

Joris Laenen

Digital product design and strategy


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