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A complete online exhibition during the pandemic, at the Dutch Design Week 2020


Exhibition during a pandemic?

For the Dutch Design Week 2020, we suddenly had to transition from a real-life, to an online exhibition. To still reach to audience, an online alternative had to be created which presented the different designs, and which guided visitors like they were used to at the physical exhibition.

From real-life to digital

To realize this, we had to go from problem, to design, to interactive environment in a few weeks. Therefore we had to continuously coordinate with the different stakeholders to deliver the website in a short amount of time. The website is built with PHP, Javascript and CSS, linked to a Wordpress CMS. This way, the website can be easily adapted to be used for multiple years.

An interactive online experience

The website consisted of multiple interactive elements to digitize the exhibition:

  • There was an overview with all projects and companies, with links to related projects and designers. Visitors could follow an online tour through multiple projects.
  • There was a separate page with live sessions with designer, and an up-to-date agenda with countdown timer for virtual presentations.
  • The full program could be setup within Wordpress for minimal dependance on the developers.
This way, thousands of visitors could experience the exhibition online. The website is still being used, although adapted for the real-life event.

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